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Hup Constuction of Companies stand for our energy and passion for consistently delivering projects and properties to the highest standards of safety, quality and integrity by embracing technological innovation and leveraging our broad knowledge base across Malaysia and beyond.

Our Mission

  • Leveraging on technology and innovation for higher efficiency and productivity
  • Delivering quality products and services exceeding customers’ expectations
  • Creating spaces that people desire to live and work in
  • Designing buildings that inspire and function to accentuate its purpose

our Core Values

  • Continuously challenge ourselves to find perfection
  • Stand firm in our beliefs of safety, reliability and practicality when we build
  • Provide best-in-class support to our stakeholders from the bottom-up
  • Passion for developing people
  • Adopt Open and Honest Communication

Our Services

We offer tile & flooring services, and we have a wide range of colors and styles for you to choose from! Our tiles are not only versatile, but also have a top quality warranty.

Tired of seeing monochrome paint? Check out our art paint! More than just having a nice pattern! The colors add a noble touch! Makes you glad you’re looking at art paint is you too! It was worth it!

Let these decorate your surroundings with a new look so that you can feel like you’re in it, too!

We offer a range of air conditioning services, not only repairing air conditioning but also supplying the latest air conditioners so that you can enjoy in a comfortable environment!